20161122_094410Movember, No Shave November or just plain November, whatever you call it, is coming to an end. By now most of you have some impressive facial hair and despite comments from Grandma and your twelve year old cousins at Thanksgiving, I hope you keep that manliness on your face for at least the rest of the year.

It comes as no surprise if this sense of extra masculinity inspires new hobbies or tackling chores around the yard the old fashion way. I assume that to fuel this new adventure you will choose heirloom quality tools like those from Hults Bruk. They have been doing things the old fashion way since 1697 (and doing it right!).

Learning how to live with your new facial companion and mastering axe wielding skills at the same time is a rewarding process. However, let’s not forget this special pair deserves time and proper maintenance to ensure they are around and looking good for a long time to come.

beardsandaxesMaintenance for a luscious beard and a piece of functional art that is the Hults Bruk axe is as easy as it gets. Daily beard combing tames and trains your beard along with keeping it straight, soft and scraggly-free. Your axe deserves the same care, it should be stropped and sheathed after every use. This will maintain its shaving-sharp edge for longer while prolonging the need to sharpen with a stone.

Speaking of soft and sharpening, oil should be used for both beard and axe health. Beard oil is formulated to keep the skin hydrated and is usually made from tree oils… that’s right, those trees you cut down with your axe could be used for your beard! Oil is used on the axe to prevent rust and aid in the sharpening process.

20161122_095039Taking care with these simple steps will not only keep your beard perfect and your axe sharp, it will add to your overall mental health because taking care of any given task is what men do. And when men do what men are supposed to do, they feel all warm and fuzzy!

As 2016 comes to a close and you are debating whether or not keep your hard earned chin fur, just think of how silly you’ll look while the sun glimmers off your shiny, shaved chin while chopping or splitting…

— Photos and words by Colton Chapman, Hults Bruk Ambassador