March 8, 2018

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2018 Hults Bruk #AxeHeads Ambassador Team

Hults Bruk Axe Heads

We are thrilled to welcome a new brand ambassador to our team of axe and outdoor enthusiasts. The #AxeHeads help maintain our brand’s 300-year-old tradition by sharing their experiences using Hults Bruk’s legendary Swedish steel axes. Individuals are selected based on their knowledge and expertise using axes for a variety of applications, ranging from woodcraft and firecraft to wilderness exploration, plus their ability to connect with other enthusiasts through social media. After an exhaustive search and poring through dozens of qualified applicants, we finally landed on Roman Kahler.

Meet the 2018 Hults Bruk #AxeHeads ambassador team:

Roman Kahler

Roman is an avid outdoorsman, professional photographer, small scale farmer and a Hults Bruk enthusiast based out of northern Michigan. Roman lives on 80 acres of pine forest surrounded by National Forest, once the center of the logging industry from over 100 years ago. Roman processes firewood with Hults Bruk axes, no chainsaws! He has lived in Finland and has family in Sweden, so he is very fond of Nordic culture and design. You can find Roman in the woods every week doing different projects from tapping maple trees to building a wooden cabin or making shelters and fire deflectors with his Hults Bruk Torneo.

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Carl Pawlowski

Carl’s passion for the outdoors stems from a childhood spent at a Muskoka summer camp canoeing, swimming, hiking and practicing survival skills. Since then, he has organized dozens of trips throughout Ontario’s wilderness including Algonquin, Lake Superior, French River and beyond into New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Maine. Carl’s other passion is photography, which luckily goes hand in hand with his adventures. Working as a Sustainability Consultant, he further commits himself to the environment and its preservation for all to enjoy.

Hults Bruk Axe Heads Carl

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Jared Allement

Jared, a self-proclaimed axe junkie from a small town in north Louisiana, has been collecting and restoring axes for 5 years. It all started when he purchased an old Lakeside hatchet. Countless hours of research led to the restoration of his first axe and he’s been hooked ever since. Jared has restored 100’s of axes in his free time, when he’s not working full time as a forester. To fuel his addiction, he occasionally sells his restorations and enjoys testing them in the field.


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