As the popularity of axe throwing grows, a number of indoor facilities are starting to offer the activity. We asked Mark Floyd the owner of  Social Axe Throwing in Salt Lake City, Utah for his take on the sport.

Who’s a typical axe thrower or is there such a thing?
Most of the throwers are middle aged 25 – 40 that like to get out once a week and enjoy the sport.

Is this a solo or group activity?
Most of the people come in a group to hang out and throw or support a thrower but the leagues are set up on an individual scoring basis.

What’s the appeal of axe throwing?
It is a very simple game that most people can enjoy and it satisfies the need for most with the competition.

How does someone get into axe throwing?
Its easy, you sign up! most people come in and throw for a party or event. They enjoy the sport and sign up for a weekly league.

What types of axes do you throw? Why?
We use our ‘house axe’ for entry-level mostly for durability. Most semi-pro throwers in our league use the Hults Bruk – Tarnaby for its weight and precision, I have a few throwers that throw the Almike and the Salen.

What Hults Bruk axes are you using and why?
We strongly promote the Tarnaby mostly because of its size and durability

Do you de-tune or specialize the axes in any way for throwing?
Most of the tune-ups come in the way of grip tape on the handle, We sell a lot of Howies Hockey Tape for grip and also to personalize your axe.

Where are your gyms located?
We currently have 2 locations in Utah with a 3rd on the way soon. Our Ogden location has 8 throwing lanes and can handle up to about 50 throwers at a time. Our Salt Lake City location has 10 lanes with 6 more being added mid July.

Any throwing tips or etiquette tips to share?
My bigest tip would be ” follow thru” its the key! Its not a fast ball, horse power does not help. Throwing is a technique.

Any info about upcoming events & competitions?

Yes have a big competition coming up on October 6th called the Rocky Mountain Axe Throwing Tournament it is open enrollment and we will have more information soon!

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