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Hults Bruk – Agdor Hatchet – 1950s

Found this in my Great-Grandpas tool shed. What a find! Can I please have some history and know where to get a new haft for it? Also, should I leave the axe as is or try to knock off some of the rust? Thanks!!

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  • JamesJuly 27, 2021 at 2:10 pm


    Thanks for sharing! This was most likely made in the 1950s. Cleaning rust is a personal preference. If you feel the patina/character is worth keeping, maybe just lightly cleaning off the red rust with a bronze brush? Then some oil or wax (gun oil, beeswax, wd40) to the metal to protect it from future rust. Since this axe is way older than current production, you will need to measure the eye before finding a handle. Please see here for some info: hope this helps!

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