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Hults Bruk – Agdor Montreal & Bucking Pattern – 1960-88

Just acquired these. Trying to figure out the year Makers mark hard to read. I think the Montreal one is post 1988 but can’t find anything on the other

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  • JamesMay 13, 2022 at 2:19 pm


    Part of the Agdor line of axes, the red painted handle and blue axe head paint started to be used in the 1960s. The Montreal axe looks like it has the current hot stamp with the axe head weights next to the logo, this would mean it was made after 1988. The double bit looks a bit older. Given the flat profile of the toe, this double bit pattern looks like the bucking pattern: you can find an example on the last pages of this catalog: Hope this helps, thanks for sharing!

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