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Hults Bruk – Agdor Turpentine – Post 1988

I’ve got this axe that I’ve thought is an HB Aneby. But I think it’s weird that it says 850g and 1¾ lbs. 1¾ lbs is 790g which doesn’t make sense. I love my HB axe and protect it as my child. I see your blue paint still inside the makers mark. The handle is not original. I just want to know the history of this incredible good axe.

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  • JamesOctober 28, 2022 at 1:57 pm


    The weight stamp is definitely off, not sure if this was an error. My guess is this axe was made near 1988 when the new hot stamp was just starting and maybe they didn’t get it right? On current axes of this size the stamp is .8kg and 1¾, which is pretty accurate. The blue paint means this was part of the Agdor line of axes. Later the turpentine pattern would only be made in the premium line. Best guess this was an early 1988 run. Hope this helps!

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