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Hults Bruk – Agdor Yankee Pattern – Pre 1988

I’m guessing that I bought this axe is the mid 1980’s, and have used it clearing a lot of land by hand over the years.
I decided to buy a new axe this year, did some research and decided on the HB Agdor. I just pulled out my old axe to sharpen and oil it, to keep it handy as a spare, and noticed this logo. Who would have guessed that Is buy the same brand 35 years later!! They don’t sell them anywhere close to here, I ordered the new one from out of state. Which means I must have ordered the old one too, good to know that I did my research back then too! Curious what year and model my old axe is?? Thanks!

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  • JamesJuly 26, 2022 at 6:32 pm


    Great story, thanks for sharing! Your first axe was also an Agdor judging from the left over bits of paint. Mid-80s sounds about right. Hults Bruk changed the maker’s mark stamp in 1988 (with the HB logo on one side and weight as a number on the opposite side) to a new hot stamp (with the logo and weights on the same side) that is still being used today on your new Agdor Montreal axe.

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