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Hults Bruk – Montreal Pattern – Post 1988

I picked this up from a local guy, he claimed this axe is a Montreal pattern but I’m not sure.  Can anyone recognize what style is it?  It’s a 0.7kg or 1.5 lb axe head with a 14 inch handle. It doesn’t look like a original handle to me, and I’m planning to install a new handle for it.  Which my question is, for a 0.7kg /1.5lb axe head, what is the longest handle I can practically used?

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  • JamesNovember 19, 2021 at 1:54 pm


    HB began using this maker’s mark in 1988, and it’s still in use. In regards to the handle length, it’s not uncommon for an axe to come in multiple handle lengths, a bit of personal preference. For this size, maybe not longer than 24-inch handle? You can find more info here: – hope this helps

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