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Hults Bruk – 1 kg Yankee – Pre 1988

I inherited this Axe head. I don’t know if my father or grand-father was the person who originally purchased the head so I don’t know how old it might be. It did not have a factory handle so I don’t know if it was purchased as a separate head only or had a handle. Can someone tell me how old this head is and what would be the original handle type so I can restore it to as close as original condition as possible. Thanks for any help!

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  • James says:

    The closest I can put the mfg. date is between 1960-1988. The cold stamp HB was discontinued in 1988. The pattern is probably a Yankee pattern, after 1950s the number of axe styles produced at HB fell dramatically, Ohio & Maine patterns were discontinued in favor of the more popular Yankee and Turpentine.

    Please check here for information on how to size and re-handle your axe. Thanks for sharing!

    • Norm says:

      I too have a similar HB axe, basically a hatchet. Picked it up in a local hardware store about 25 years ago. Came with 21 inch handle.
      Markings on the left head face are the same: “HB Made in Sweden”.
      Markings on the right head face are: either ” JB or J8″ and below ” 2″.
      Now the axe needs a new handle after years of use/and abuse by the scout troop and myself. Never had a better axe than this one, AWESOME!!!
      Question is: is this also an “American” style axe AND what is the replacement hickory handle?

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