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Hults Bruk?

Bit stumped with this recent addition to the collection. It is completely unmarked apart from ‘4 1/2 Made in Sweden’. Is it possible that this was a model produced with a paper label which has since worn away?
Also worth noting is that the handle is fitted with a wooden wedge as opposed to epoxy resin and there is the remains of some green paint on the head.


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  • James says:

    Stumped indeed! I’ve not seen this stamp before with only the US weight and ‘made in Sweden’. This looks like a hot stamp with deeper lines and edges of the stamp around the top of the text. Also green paint has been used for HB axes, typically for private customers. Hults Bruk did lots of private projects that used paper stickers, usually these axes also have the HB stamp. I can’t say for certain this is a HB, however some of the smaller projects from long ago (pre-digital) we’re not well documented.

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