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Hults Bruk – Agdor Montreal Pattern – 1970s

I was recently looking my old axe that was given to me about 10 years ago at an estate sale for one of my friends uncles. I had taken it home and “refurbished” it to use for camping, hence the orange paint on the head. Now after looking at the labelling and markings, and cross referencing a few posts on the site, I have come to a conclusion, first that it is definitely a Hults Bruk, and second that it is pre-1988 and post-1970…. I think. I’ll include some pictures, and if its hard to distinguish, it originally had a blue head, and a shorter(red) paint line on the now orange end of the handle. I had just elongated the paint line when the aforementioned “refurbishing” took place. The head markings are 1.1/ 2-1/2 and the other side is the makers mark “HB” and “Made In Sweden”. The sticker specifically states “AGDOR-FIX shafting”. So now after all that, I’m just wondering everyone’s thoughts, and maybe a more definitive answer on what head design the axe most represents and from what era/year if possible. Thanks in advance for the replies!!


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  • James says:

    Nice find! I’ll bet if you were to look at the eye you might see the original permabond. Because of the Agdorfix label, paint and HB cold stamps, a good guess it was made somewhere around the 1970s. Looks like the Montreal pattern.

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