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Hults Bruk – German Pattern – pre 1960s

Looking to get some information on this old axe head. Stamped 2,0 on one side and the HB stamp on the other.

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  • James says:

    This one looks like a Central American pattern. This shows up in the early 1900s catalogs but disappears by the 1959 catalog. Looks like it’s in good condition, my best guess would, this axe was made sometime in the early 1950s or maybe earlier. Thanks for sharing

    • Evan Cadwallader says:

      Thanks James, that is close to what I came up with too. I cannot find another example of this top bevel though. Makes me think that it could be something different. Any other possibilities?

  • This is a classic German pattern made for the German export market. The older ones usually had the European “D” shaped eye. (1950s) With more recent ones being westernized with standard American eyes. (1980s) But it’s hard to say.

  • 1950s HB German Pattern

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