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Hults Bruk – Hewing Axe – Pre 1988

I have a hatchet that iam having trouble identifying,
The head measures 115cm across,
It is only stamped on one side,
But the blade is curved, the makers stamp is punched on the curved side,
With the sharp edge up looking forward along the handle the sharp edge is curled to the left

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  • JamesApril 21, 2020 at 9:44 pm


    I think this one was called the Pittsburg pattern. The profile is that of a carpentry axe or hewing axe. Which brings us to the handle. The angled handle allows the axe to cut straight or plane a log without catching, basically, it helps keep the worker’s hands away from the log while cutting. Made before 1988 but hard to tell how old exactly. Thanks for sharing!

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