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Hults Bruk – Hjartum Pattern – Pre-1900s

Not sure of the date or pattern of this axe. Axe measures 26″”L , head weight approx. 2 1/2lbs. Head measures 7 1/4″” L with a cutting edge of 4 5/8″
Stamp is up near the stepped poll. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • James says:

    The Circle HB maker’s mark with ‘Hults Bruk ABY” text was used between 1884 – 1930. This pattern is hard to identify, the stepped poll is throwing me off. But it looks like the carpenter’s styles made pre-1900s.

    • Ron says:

      Recent research has identified this axe head as a “Hjartum” pattern.
      Interesting that the Hults Bruk company would product a style of axe head named after a village in Sweden that today has less then 400 residents. Wow!

  • Ben says:

    Correct. The pattern is a regional style Hjartum carpenter’s axe. Used mainly for timber framing. Although it’s an old design the axe itself is a relatively new production.

    The HB logo was introduced in 1930 but wasn’t commonly used until the late 60s. With The Hults Bruk ABY stamp carrying forward As well.

    The first catalog reference I’ve seen to this pattern was in a Wetterlings 1958 catalog with Gransfors, Wetterlings and Husqvarna still currently producing Hjartum carpenter’s axes.

  • Ben says:

    Wetterlings 1958

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