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Hults Bruk – Ohio or Yankee Pattern – Pre 1988

Found this axe at a flea market, looking to try and date it and refurbish it. Any suggestions on colour or finish? Thanks.

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  • James says:

    The HB cold stamp on one side with the weight on the other side means this axe was made before 1988. I would guess sometime between the 1960-1988. The pattern looks more like an Ohio or hatchet pattern, than the Yankee. But it also looks like this axe might have been re-profiled. The HB stamp is very close to the bit and the angles are a bit rough. It would be interesting to see if the axe head still weighs close to 2.8 lb or if it’s been ground down to a smaller weight.

    As for a color, the Hults Bruk Agdor range uses WEDE SHOPPRIMER, Blue #5 – a vinyl resin primer available with active anticorrosive pigments. Not sure where you’d find that in the US. But a nice color.

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