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Hults Bruk – Three Crown Household Axe – 1950s

Pictured are four heads I’ve found. Two are 1-3/4lb and two are 2-1/4lb. The toe is flared upward and the bit is quite narrow when compared to a Yankee pattern. All four have a full size eye. Stamp is shallow, so pre-88. What do you think James?

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  • James says:

    This one is still a bit of a mystery for me, the flared toe is quite an unusual pattern. At first, I thought this might be a Vera pattern but these axes don’t have lugs. Based on the weight and shape, my best guess this is a version of the Three Crown Household Axe made in the late 1950s. These are in great shape, what a good find! I hope they serve you well thanks for sharing.

  • James says:

    hushåll tre krona – translates to household three crown

  • Darryl Barber says:

    Hey guys, this axe looks very much like a Canadian Pattern that were made for Garant for a long period of time. Most of the Garants I have seen are unstamped,
    But I have seen this exact pattern stamped Garant also across the poll. This pattern is rather common in Canada, I’m wondering if there is any other co-orespondance or info that Hults Bruk has to correlate to this? Maybe Hults Bruk offered this pattern to other distributors in Canada with the HB pre 88 stamp?

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