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Hults Bruk – Unknown Pattern – Pre 1988

My first own axe that I’d like done some information on, please. Also, is this an original handle that I should repair?

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  • Tom says:

    I may be wrong but that looks like a pre 1988 4lb HB Tasmania Pattern axe. I would say that you’v got a replacement spotted gum handle (I assume you live in Australia) on your axe, is also appears to be be hung upside-down (when looking at the logo the handle should go out to the right).
    I reckon you’ve potentially got a pretty nice axe there so good luck with.

  • James says:

    Hi there, I think this axe has been reprofiled. Based on the weight and shape it might be the Arvika 5 Star or the Tasmanian pattern. It looks like the handle has seen a few overstrikes (the neck of the handle has some dents and cracks). I would recommend replacement, rather than repair. You can find more info on re-handling here:

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