Vintage Hults Bruk Catalogs

The vintage axe catalogs below contain photos of old axe head types produced by Hults Bruk. These catalogs are useful to help identify vintage axe patterns. Over the last 300 years Hults Bruk, Sweden’s largest and oldest axe manufacturer, has made many different types of axes, hatchets and adzes.

At one time Hults Bruk produced a broad range of patterns including hewing and carpentry axes, double bit felling axes, hatchets and even pick-headed axes for firefighters.

Hults Bruk 1884 Catalog

Hults Bruk 1890 Catalog

Hults Bruk 1899 Catalog

Hults Bruk 1911 Catalog

Hults Bruk 1930 Catalog

Hults Bruk 1937 Catalog

Hults Bruk 1958 Catalog