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Hults Bruk Wira Pattern – Pre 1930s

Found a nice one on a flee market but have no idea about the age

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  • James says:

    Congratulations, this is quite a find. I believe this pattern is called Wira. The Hults Bruk ABY stamp on the poll of the axe puts production between 1884-1930s. There might be another stamp near the edge, either a HB or HM.

    • Manfred Herzberg says:

      Cool. Thank you for the information. I checked the head but because of the damage it’s not really clear to see but it looks like a HB stamp.
      I think I will keep the damage as it is but I will restore the axe so I can use it again.

  • Brandon says:

    Cool vintage find

  • Shane Hess says:

    Great find! I may have to start going to garage sales seems there are treasures to be found.

  • Victoria Carr says:

    I would love to find an axe like this one! It’s a gorgeous looking piece!

  • With the upswept to, it might perform well as a carving axe. Is there a way you can upload a pic of the bit thickness? I would love to see that head in action carving some spoons or using the toe to carve fine detail in, say a green man carving. Either way you have a great axe in your possession. Axe on, Junkie!

  • Jason says:

    Always a made with pride.

  • Aaron C Hope says:

    Simply lovely

  • Johan Zetterlund says:

    Wow – What a beauty!
    My grandfather worked as a young man in the forrests around Sundsvall in Sweden in the 1920’s, felling trees by hand with Axes and taking them out of the woods with horse and sled.
    He once cut himself badly on the shin when his axe bounced of a trunk, at first he didn’t feel anything but after a while his boot started feeling warm and wet, only then he realized he had cut himself as his boots was full of blood. He had to walk out of the woods by himself and find help.
    Years after his passing my dad and I found the axe he had used at the time and it was a Hults.
    My dad also passed a few years back and I now live in Australia and the axe was unfortunately lost.
    I have a vague memory of the axe head and it looked really similar.

  • Ben Campbell says:

    Have to love a 1930’s or older axe in this good of condition. Made back when people still cared about quality and wanted there products to last a lifetime and beyond!!

  • Keith Miller says:

    There’s nothing better than vintage tools. They were built to last

  • Manfred Herzberg says:

    Thank you for your replies. Here comes a picture from above. I think it will go back to action after restoring. For spoons it’s maybe to heavy with 1.35 kg but for bigger carvings it should be perfect. I have some more axes to restore this winter but maybe I can upload a picture when I’m finished with this one.

  • Lukacs says:

    Great find! Love vintage items like this. If this axe could tell us about it’s history.

  • Ben says:

    Great example of an old Wira pattern carpenters axe.

  • Ben says:

    Here’s a more current example.

  • JayDey says:

    Wow that thing is in amazing shape for its age. Great find.

  • Allen says:

    Nice find

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