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Hults Bruk – Pre 1900s – Collared Axe

I have been restoring these two axes I got last time I was in Sweden. Sorry there are two axes in the photos the smaller one says HB but I have know idea what it is for. I would love any information, type, age, use, handle length/shape. anything. Actually if you know anything about the other ax that would be great too. there is not a readable makers mark, all I know so far is that it is old:).

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  • James says:

    These are very old, probably early 1900s or older. Especially the collared axe, most axe makers stopped producing collared axes around 1900s. These style of axe patterns are magnificent. I can’t find an exact match for the collared axe, it could be another Scandinavian manufacturer. but you might want to look at the 1800s catalogs here for more info

    The smaller one looks like the HB Slöjd style axes like the Vera model. Slöjd was is a system of handicraft-based education started by Uno Cygnaeus in Finland in 1865.

    • Matt says:

      Thank you James, that is great information. I had not realized how hard it would be to information on these axes.

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