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Hults Bruk – Splitting Maul – Unknown Date

This is an HB but never seen one like it…

2 Responses to Hults Bruk – Splitting Maul – Unknown Date

  • James says:

    Looks like an older splitting maul. Probably from the 1960s but hard to tell without seeing the stamp. If it has a circle H then it is really old 1900s. Thanks for shairng

    • Giles Forrester says:

      The stamp is on the Hammerhead side_ and just like the Logo on this page except its an un-broken circle,,, from the British Isles

      This is great thank you. And THANK YOU for making such good tools _ I have cut tonnes of Logs with this thing for over 30 years _ felled trees_ and using the Hammer side also to knock down walls_ still the SAME hickory shaft_ only had to sharpen it ONCE in all that time…

      Its just the BEST there IS… if only everything in life was this reliable,

      Giles Forrester
      HB FAN !

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