Hults Bruk

Hand-Forged in Sweden since 1697.

Photo credit: Carl Pawlowski

Photo credit: Carl Pawlowski

Hults Bruk evokes a bygone era, a time when axes were an essential lifeline in the wilderness. Our collection of axes, hatchets, splitting and felling axes are made for working outdoors the traditional way.

The Hults Bruk story begins in 1697, hand forging steel and iron with water driven hammers. Over the last three centuries, Hults Bruk has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing premium Swedish axes. Today the factory is a compelling combination of the new and the old, where the underlying culture and character of exquisite Swedish ironworking endures. Hults Bruk axes are made for a lifetime of use: camping, backpacking, bushcrafting, hunting, or performing forestry work.

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Forging A Lasting Heritage

Sweden has a long history of iron working and axe making. This has been driven by a considerable forestry sector in the country as well as the nation’s place as a major regional industrial power.

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