The Kisa

The Hults Bruk Kisa is a compact felling axe.
The Kisa The Kisa with leather sheath



Solid Swedish Steel & American Hickory

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An essential tool for camping and hunting in the backcountry, the Kisa packs enough head weight for light felling, bucking, and splitting while remaining portable over long distances. The Turpentine pattern axe head is designed to make deep cuts. A finger notch near the neck facilitates precision carving for shelter construction and other bushcraft tasks. The 2-lb. axe head is meticulously finished and expertly balanced with a compact, curved 26-inch American hickory handle.

The cutting edge is approximately 3.5-inches in length. Note: all Hults Bruk axes are hand forged, so there may be slight variations from axe to axe.

  • The axe head is hand forged at the historic Hults Bruk, a forge that has been in operation since 1697.
  • Each axe is made from high-quality Swedish axe steel, expertly tempered to hold a very sharp edge even after repeated sharpening.
  • Blackened, hand-finished, razor-sharp with a polished edge.
  • Curved American hickory handle, sanded, protected with linseed oil and engraved with the HB logo.
  • Each axe comes with a premium leather sheath, shipped with a storage box and detailed user’s manual.

Photo by Carl Pawlowski

"The ideal backcountry axe should excel at its intended use and ideally provide additional versatility. In this case, the Kisa fits the bill for me. It has enough head weight for felling, bucking and even splitting small to medium logs but is light enough that it's not unreasonable to carry over distances when needed. The forged axe head holds an edge well and the poll is handy for driving in tent stakes."

Hults Bruk Ambassador Rick Spicer 840722

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