The Arvika

The Arvika 5-Star Racing Axe boasts a massive 4.5-pound, hand-forged Swedish steel axe head.
The Arvika The Arvika with protective sheath



Solid Swedish Steel & American Hickory

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Designed for use on Australian hardwood, the wide Tasmanian axe profile makes large V-shaped cuts in hard, knotty or frozen wood. The axe head is secured to a solid 32-inch American hickory handle with both a steel and wooden wedge. A great axe for practicing the standing chop, or as a workhorse for felling and splitting.

Arvika was its own forge in Sweden. In the early 1960s, Arvika ceased production and Hults Bruk purchased the brand and 5-Star pattern. For the next 50-years, Hults Bruk continued selling the Arvika 5-Star in select markets, making it a sought-after axe in the United States where it was previously unavailable until now.

The cutting edge is approximately 5.5-inches in length. Note: all Hults Bruk axes are hand forged, so there may be slight variations from axe to axe.

  • The axe head is hand forged at the historic Hults Bruk, a forge that has been in operation since 1697.
  • Each axe is made from high-quality Swedish axe steel, expertly tempered to hold a very sharp edge even after repeated sharpening.
  • Curved American hickory handle, sanded, protected with linseed oil
  • Each axe comes with a leather sheath.
  • The Arvika is designed to be profiled and customized by the end-user, a practice recommended only for those with experience.

"With a 5.5-inch-wide head handcrafted in Hults' 321-year-old forge and an American hickory handle, this axe makes short work of chopping and splitting even the knottiest wood."

Outside Magazine

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