Useful insight and advice about Hults Bruk products.

Photo credit: Roman Kahler

325-Year Anniversary Axe

Hults Bruk was established in the Hult Valley of south-eastern Sweden in 1697. The location was carefully chosen, with forests that could provide wood to fuel the fires and water to power the hammers. The chosen location happened to be a center for stone age axe production. The ground is littered with ancient stone age . . .

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First Aid & Axe Safety Awareness

My grandfather was brilliant at sharpening, and something he told me three decades ago still goes through my head every time I pick up an edged tool: “Son, if you’re not a little scared of it, it’s not sharp enough.”  It took me a while to understand what he meant, but there’s a scar across . . .

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Hults Bruk Premium vs. Agdor

Both Premium and Agdor axe lines are hand-forged in Sweden and crafted using high-quality materials. The distinction between the two lines of axes is in the details. Agdor axes Suited for heavier tasks, Agdor is one of Hults Bruk’s axe oldest lines. They have thicker handles without the HB logo, a US sourced leather sheath, . . .

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Agdor Axes by Hults Bruk

Now available in the United States. Agdor axes made at Hults Bruk represent dependable, affordable craftsmanship from Sweden’s oldest axe maker. Each Agdor axe is expertly hand-forged from premium Swedish steel at the historic Hults Bruk and undergoes three stages of grinding before being mounted on an American hickory handle.

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How to Replace An Axe Handle – Part 2 Handle Installation

How to Replace an Axe Handle Part 2: Installation Now that we have laid out how to select the right axe handle, it’s time to move on to the installation. In the second part of this series on how to replace an axe handle, I will describe how I personally install a new handle. Before . . .

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How to Replace Your Axe Handle – Part 1 Handle Selection

Part 1: Axe Handle Selection Replacing an axe handle (a.k.a. haft, helve) can be very frustrating for axe users and enthusiasts. However, it is a skill that can really come in handy! When you think about it, an axe is a hunk of steel driven onto a wooden stick. Wood is a natural material, and . . .

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Hults Bruk Swedish Splitting Axes

The Swedish splitting axe has a narrow profile and a flat blade that cuts deep. As the axe enters the wood, a prominent metal spine that runs along the cheeks helps push the wood apart like a wedge. Mauls, splitting axes, hatchets and felling axes are not all the same. Mauls are made to use . . .

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Agdor 28 – The Big Axe

The Legendary Agdor 28 Felling Axe: Montreal Pattern Now available at speciality retailers and select axe-throwing venues throughout the United States, the Agdor 28 Axe is an excellent all-around camping and expedition axe. A well-made and versatile tool, it features a 2.5 lb Montreal axe head with a curved 28-inch American hickory handle for superb balance. . . .

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How to Sharpen an Axe

How to sharpen an axe

How to Sharpen an Axe “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abraham Lincoln If you have ever used an axe, then it’s safe to assume that you have sharpened one as well. A sharp axe is a safe axe, and let’s face . . .

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For My Father

Father’s Day comes once a year. Its arrival is imminent. It’s a day of recognition that I have 364 days to plan for, and somehow, I still feel as though I’m in a scramble to decide on what to gift him. How do you find something for someone who’d never ask for anything? What do . . .

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