The Hunter: Hannah Kycek

Hannah Kycek, or “Hatchet Jane,” is an outdoorswoman based out of the Pacific Northwest. She has been hunting since she was 11 years old, and endlessly yearns for the solitude and self-reliance found within the backcountry. You’d be hard pressed to find her without a rifle or hatchet in tow. The unpredictability of the wild nourishes her soul and serves as a muse for her work as an outdoor marketer and freelance writer/photographer. Although Hannah is a bubbly character, she has a deep disdain for monotony, manmade trails, walls, and concrete.

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The Bushcrafter: Rick Spicer

Rick is from Arkansas and has worked with Pack Rat Outdoor Center in Fayetteville for 20 years. During that time he has traveled extensively backpacking and mountaineering. For the last 10 years, Rick has been teaching bushcraft and wilderness skills, including land navigation, modern and primitive fire craft and survival skills. In addition, he is the director of the Brewha Bushwhack adventure race. Much of his time is spent hiking, camping and bowhunting in the Ozarks, and spending time outside with his kids. From camping trips to heating Rick’s small cabin with a wood stove, axes remain a fundamental part of his kit.

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Arborist, Green Woodworker, Bushcrafter: Leslie Andrew Wolf Walters

Axes are a real passion in my life, I use an axe every day from pounding wedges doing tree work, to chopping wood for a campfire and in my greenwood carving. Axes are special they are freedom, the axe is one of the most versatile tools ever invented. I’m excited to show you all the things the axe can do and I am thrilled to be working with Hults Bruk, I am named after my grandfather a Canadian logger, I have the axe he used every day in the forests of British Columbia as well as in lumberjack competitions you can still make out the makers mark, Hults Bruk Made in Sweden…

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The Homesteader: Roman Kahler

Roman is an avid outdoorsman, professional photographer, small scale farmer, and Hults Bruk enthusiast based out of northern Michigan. Roman lives on 80 acres of pine forest surrounded by National Forest, once the center of the logging industry over 100 years ago. Roman processes firewood with Hults Bruk axes, “no chainsaws!” He has lived in Finland and has family in Sweden, so he’s particularly fond of Nordic culture and design. You can find Roman in the woods every week doing different projects, from tapping maple trees to building a wooden cabin, or making shelters and fire deflectors with his Hults Bruk Torneo.

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