The Grinding Stone

A two-sided (coarse/fine) stone in a convenient leather carrrying case.



Weight (lbs)





180 / 600



With our grinding stone you can easily and securely grind your axe wherever you are.

The grinding stone is of good size and designed to give a steady grip, protecting fingers and hands from cutting injuries. The elegant case of genuine leather protects your grinding stone, rendering it a long life. The rough side has a grain size of 180, and the fine side a grain size of 600, which is a good combination to regain sharpness to your axe. To make your work easier, we would recommend that you grind with water.

Photo by Roman Kahler

"A great high-quality puck. The finger groove provides precision and the fine side of the stone is a super soft, super fast fine grit."

Lane Packwood 840623

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